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 Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc.LMI.Headshot.jpg"Meta Visions Enterprises is the Beacon of Light in challenging times"

           What can Meta Visions Enterprises do for you?

            >Meta Visions will assess and evaluate your school district and/or municipality and target areas of savings and efficiencies and develop and coordinate a Shared/Consolidation of Services Action Plan.

           >Meta Visions will assess and evaluate your organization, company and/or agency and develop and coordinate a tailored Action Plan that includes strategies for personnel effectiveness, environmental effectiveness, and program development, just to name a few.

           >Meta Visions will provide marketing strategies for your company, organization, and/or agency, including social media platform development and launch.

          >Meta Visions will provide survey development and analysis; (political) polling and reporting, and/or research and technical consulting on program/project development.

        >Meta Visions will assist in grant proposal preparation and coordination of a deadline timeline for submission.


​The Meta Visions Solution...


Why does my village duplicate services of the town?


               Why doesn't my municipality share services/equipment with the school district?

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Why doesn't my school district and municipality with neighboring ones share auditing services, legal services, and so much more?   


 Why does the taxpayer have to be burdened with all of these duplication of services?



                       Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc. is a Westchester County, New York based company founded by Dr. Luisa M. Iadeluca.  The cornerstone of Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc. is Dr. Iadeluca's dissertation research on Shared and Consolidation of Services conducted as a doctoral student at St. John Fisher College's Ed.D. Program in Executive Leadership. Dr. Iadeluca's dissertation topic, "Investigation on Shared and Consolidation of Services in Westchester County School Districts and Municipalities to Reduce the Property Tax Burden"© (2012)  is a comprehensive, foundational study of efficiencies and effectiveness in shared and consolidation of services delivery models. 


​Source: You Tube, Andrew Kris:  Reasons to set up a Shared Services Center

​              Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc. is ready to evaluate, develop and implement a tactical plan for school districts and municipalities seeking to contract with our consultants in the area of shared and/or consolidation of services as well as for other organizations, who would like to be more efficient and effective.


Source: You Tube, What is Shared Services?  University of Michigan

             Employing the Meta Visions 3-C Partnership Model: Coordination, Communication and Community©, agencies and organizations can achieve their desired efficiency and effectiveness best...their META BEST! 



Source:  You Tube, New York Municipal Shared Services Cloud--Connecting cities to fuel growth and prosperity​






Meta Visions offers the following in Shared and/or Consolidation of Services Advisement/Planning:
Survey Development and Analysis |Focus Group Analysis |Cost-Analysis/Benefits
Stakeholder Interviews | Implementation Barrier(s) Analysis
Coordination Development | Community: Education, Preparation, Involvement 
Communication Fora Development | Follow-Up Activities





              The philosophy of Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc. is that shared and consolidation of services is not only a proven business model in efficiency and effectiveness in school districts and municipalities, the basis of these service delivery models can be applied to virtually all sectors and disciplines.  

Picture1.jpg            Agencies and Organizations can choose tailored services from the list above, and/or can select others such as:


 Leadership Development | Professional Development | Mission Alignment
Program Evaluation | Marketing | MORE...



Building Partnerships

Meta Visions will work with a network to connect your agency and/organization with the alliance it needs for success!

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Call/E-Mail today for a Presentation on Dr. Iadeluca's Research Study on Shared and Consolidation of Services

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Meta Visions Enterprises Consulting Group, Inc.


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