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Meta Visions Message: Dr. Iadeluca's Dissertation Study  





 Subject: Efficiency and Effectiveness

 Topic: Shared and Consolidation of Services

 Objective: Fiscal Savings

 Lesson: Dr. Iadeluca's Dissertation Research


Investigation on Shared and Consolidation of Services in Westchester County

School Districts and Municipalities to Reduce the Property Tax Burden©

2012, Luisa M. Iadeluca


DISSERTATION DEDICATION PAGE:  DissertationDedication.pdf




Dissertation Team Members

Dr. Ronald D. Valenti

Dr. Richard E. Maurer

Mr. George Oros

Mr. Donald B. Scott

Mrs. Ann Marie Berg


Pictured below from left:

Mr. Donald B. Scott, Dr. Ronald D. Valenti, Mrs. Ann Marie Berg, Dr. Luisa M. Iadeluca, and Dr. Richard E. Maurer at Dr. Iadeluca's Dissertation Defense held at the Office of the County Executive, Westchester County, New York.











Pictured above with Dr. Iadeluca is Mr. George Oros, Chief of Staff, County Executive Robert P. Astorino Administration, who also served as Dr. Iadeluca's Executive Mentor during her Doctoral Internship at the Office of the County Executive, Westchester County, New York, as she worked on her Dissertation Research on Shared and Consolidation of Services.


Dissertation Research Highlights

Problem: Westchester County, New York, Highest Property Taxes in the Nation

Research Setting: Westchester County, New York

Research Population: Westchester County, New York School Districts and Municipalities

Research Participants: Westchester County, New York School District and Municipal Leaders

Research Inquiry: Support, Savings, Stakeholders, and Barriers

Methodology: Mixed Method Approach(Quantitative/Qualitative)


Survey Numbers/Responses

168 School District Officials yielding 36% Response Rate

269 Municipal Officials yielding 38% Response Rate

Aggregate Response Rate: 37%


Learning more about fiscal savings through shared and consolidation of services is only a phone call and/or e-mail today to schedule your appointment for a complete presentation of          Dr. Iadeluca's research!