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Announces Coalition Partnership with Zito Consultants, LLC



E2=P3 COALITION:  Video Presentation (Music: "Una Mattina", Ludovico Einaudi)




"Cycle for Higher Value Actions"


CoalitionCYCLE.bmp                    Born from the inspiring and soulful conversations had between Dr. Iadeluca and Ms. Zito, The E2=P3 (Economies of Empowerment=Perspectives, Paths, and Prosperities) COALITION is a natural response to what is currently fiscally ailing our families, friends, neighbors and communities-at-large in our so-called "Excelsior" State of New York.  With so many policies having "top-down" and bureaucratic approaches, stalling legislative progress, environmental issues, spending at alarming rates, voices not being heard, and taxes that are burying our futures, The E2=P3 COALITION  seeks the be the "The Formula for Fiscal Freedom" bringing soulful conversations to New Yorkers across our State.

                 Created in a soulful manner, The E2=P3 COALITION is a vehicle for ALL New Yorkers to begin having the soulful conversations that need to be had in order to attain balance, fiscally and otherwise.  Truly, as Deepak Chopra states, "The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know to see a problem as an opportunity."

                The overarching Vision of The E2=P3 COALITION "Focuses on New York State Recognition that Communities Aligned in Strategic Priorities for Sustainability, Create Opportunities for Growth." With Soulful Leadership at its core, The E2=P3 COALITION "Cycle of Higher Value Actions" presents actionable growth opportunities: Removing Barriers, Relying on Research/Resources Feasibility Studies that ensure Applicability, Acting with Compelling Reasons,  Sharing Goals with Purpose and Priorities, Reforming and Applying Clarity in Legislation/Policy, and Aligning Priorities Strategically.

                  The E2=P3 COALITION 7-Point Goals Statement is a list of Reforms that are not new to our State and have been proposed in the past in one manner or another as well as some that were derived from the soulful conversations had by Ms. Zito, a Democrat and Dr. Iadeluca, a Republican.  Believing this being the supreme opportune time, or kairos moment, The E2=P3 COALITION will take its robust mission to New Yorkers seeking multi-partisan input, partnership and support.  Dr. Iadeluca and Ms. Zito strive to build the Coalition with inclusion of all New Yorkers! After all, we all live here and we all need to work together for a better tomorrow!

                 John C. Maxwell, American Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker wrote " A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way". The beginning of the 21st century has paved the road of a new kind of leader, a new approach to leadership & new purpose for leading...(Sacred Sanctuary).  Let's all partner together to lead the way to a better State for New York, today and for our future generations' prosperity!! 



Instead of "Sole" Leadership are you ready to have the soulful conversations and "Soul-Lead" with us??


Join us...The E2=P3 COALITION!!

                         Please contact Dr. Iadeluca at for details, support opportunities, and/or to be listed on our Partner or Friend List....Stay tuned for our new Facebook Page coming soon...



"7-Point Goals Statement"








Meet Ms. Colette Zito, Founder/CEO

Zito Consultants, LLC


Link to Zito Consultants, LLC:

 Zito Consultants, LLC



  • Soulful leaders trust their heart, intuition and curiosity as well as their knowlegde--they integrate head and heart into leadership.
  • Soulful leaders push through their fears.
  • Soulful leaders understand the value of moving beyond their comfort zones.
  • Soulful leaders honor other people and value their ideas during the process of change.
  • Soulful leaders work to lead by consensus, when possible, believing collaboration is more important than dictating mandates.
  • Soulful leaders trust methods but also trust their soul's voice as they use methods.
  • Soulful leaders know the bottomline is important in leadership in any organization.
  • Soulful leaders value divine alignment in their values and beliefs as well as how they live them out in times of change and challenge.
  • Soulful leaders value integrity and accountability.
  • Soulful leaders take action.
  • Soulful leaders take risks.
  • Soulful leaders are strategic.
  • Soulful leaders develop a skill set to transform.

(Source: 2009, Hammet, Pierce, Making Shifts Without Making Waves:  A Coach Approach to Soulful Leadership [TCP Leadership Series])